bay area child photos

The first steps, the dimply butt, the inquisitive nature. All things I hope to remember about my baby, along with so many other minute details that are quickly fading. Tomorrow my little monster turns One. One year since the excitement of his birth. A full year of new experiences and vibrant memories that we made together, but still a lifetime of promise ahead. I had no idea that my life was missing such joy and fulfillment until I met him.

I couldn’t be happier.

Happy Birthday sweet baby Grayson.


yes, but his wife will thank you! LOL Precious photo!!! You will be thrilled to have that when he’s all grown up.

MEG! That is fantastic! LOVE it so much!

Happy birthday, Grayson! Congrats, Meg on your first year of motherhood.


aw sweet grayson! with those ears… who else’s bum could this possibly be? xoxo

happy birthday little miniature man!