This little girl is a pretty lucky baby.  Her parents are funny, really funny.  The love they have for each other and for her already is indescribable.  And they may not be a baby out there whose parents are more excited to me her.

Kori and Brian met at a party in college and from the details I’ve heard, they knew almost immediately that they were meant for each other.  And really, I’m not sure I’ve met a couple more perfect for each other.  From the jokes they told to the stories one would start and the other would finish, they just had a way about them.  They were game for anything and everything I asked them to do, and never complained when I stuck them waist deep in wet grass.  (I love it when clients trust me!)  We dodged rain, dark clouds and freezing wind, but I am so excited about what we got.  And Kori, you are simply stunning.  You make a gorgeous pregnant lady!
Thank you Kori and Brien for being game for anything and everything. I had a blast in our makeshift flower patch.

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