As my children grow up and my pile of photographs grows taller and taller by the day, the average number of photos that I’m in is shrinking.  Why is that?  My kids don’t care about the baby weight I might still be holding on to.  The future me isn’t going to notice that I didn’t have time to *ahem* brush my hair that morning or that maybe I wore those yoga paints just a touch too often.  And lets face it, those wrinkles I don’t like now aren’t going anywhere in the future.  When my babies are adults and my twenties and thirties are nothing more than memories contained in the pages of our photo albums, they aren’t going to think anything other than, “Wow, Mom looked so young!”

So, to honor all the other wonderful mothers out there who maybe aren’t in as many photographs as they should be, I’m offering a day of relaxed and casual portraits at a special rate.  Join me for an intimate session with your little ones that you know will be treasured.  I don’t normally do this.  So that makes what I’m about to offer an extra special treat.  Don’t miss your chance!

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Eventbrite - 2013 Mothers Day Mini Sessions

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Such a great idea. I wish I could come down! I need pictures with my kids even if I hate the way I look now. You are so right, they don’t care!