What a fun session this was!  I have to preface this by admitting that I was NERVOUS for this shoot.  I’d never met Gina and her family before, and I felt like I was going on a blind date!  I had no idea what they looked like or what they would be like.  I do however, know Gina’s sister Laura.  She’s fabulous.  (And gorgeous!)  So I was pretty excited to meet her sister, Gina’s husband and their little guy, Jackson.

Wow.  It’s all I can say.  The three of them were smoking hot!

I can’t resist posting just a quick teaser.  This session has been a blast to edit.





More to come…


Gorgeous family.. that last one is so real, cute lil guy! love his furrowed eyebrows in the second one too – wonder what he was thinking…

Lovely images!!My fav’s are the 3rd and the 4th one!