Dawn gets so much credit in my book for letting ANYONE take her picture at 39 weeks. I personally was a big swollen mess that lived in yoga pants and sneakers at that stage in my pregnancy and I might have broken any camera that tried to record that.

But Dawn was radiant.  And she and Devin seemed so genuinely excited to meet their little girl any day now.  Since Dawn is now officially overdue, I thought seeing a few of her gorgeous maternity pictures may help!

_MG_2725-1071689-Edit copy

_MG_2720-1021684-Edit-Edit copy


_MG_2743-1251707-Edit copy





Hurry up baby P!


dawn .. it’s tracey your aunt debbie’s former neighbor ! looks like we have the same great taste as meg photographed my daughter rosie !

39 weeks?! She looks fantastic as are the pics! 🙂

OMG she looks fabulous! I love these, especially the one against the tall hedge.

These are such beautiful images! Love the different angles 🙂


39 weeks!? she looks AMAZING!! Good work as always Meg!

Lovely images! love the perspective in the last one!

Awww… I *love* these photos! Great work, Meg… Dawn, you look fantastic! Now Julia, you’re welcome to make your appearance! I wanna see some newborn photos! 😉

wow I love other peoples pics prego!!!