5 things the internet doesn’t know about me V 2.0 | Bay Area photographer

October 29, 2010

It has been about a year since the last timeI was so buried in editing that I needed a little distraction in the form of blogging. So, while I should be sitting diligently in front of photoshop, I’m here. With you. And spilling my scandalous secrets!

1. I’m freakishly tall. It’s true, at 5’10”, I’m nearly a giant. And I must sound short in print because people never expect it! I used to be so self conscious about my height, but now I rock my heels with pride even if I do tower over most people around me. However, most days I live securely in my flats or boots to blend in nicely with all the shorties in heels. 🙂

2. I’m a Wii bowling junky. There was once a time in my marriage when Koka and I would use wii bowling to settle our disputes. Can’t pick a dinner location? Or need to decide between two events? Best two out of three bowling rounds wins. I only wish I was kidding. I truly am that lame.

3. I love (seriously LOVE) paper supplies. Paper Source is my happy place. There is something about the explosion of colors, the rich textures and the fabulous patterns that just makes my heart go pitter patter. It’s impossible for me to simply “run in” to one of their stores. Inevitably, I manage to stand at the work table with 4 or 5 packages of paper product dreaming about what I could create with them. Of course, since I tend to have a problem with execution, those 4 or 5 packages of lovely paper are probably still sitting, unopened, in my craft drawer. (I’m hoping that by admitting this shameful secret to the internet, I will actually tackle one of said projects in the near future…)

4. I should start buying stock in Essie nail polish. I may be single handedly keeping them in business. I’m currently in love with a glorious grey color called Steel-ing the Scene. It’s perfection.

5. I really did try to add 5 tidbits of me that didn’t include food. But I failed. It’s simply not possible. So, in the name of full disclosure – when I eat out, I usually look at the dessert menu first – and I order accordingly. A girl has to have her chocolate.

If you have shameless confessions you’d like to add, please do. I promise, I won’t tell your friends.

Also, since all posts should include a picture – I want to remind everyone about the fantastic holiday cards for 2010. Aren’t they gorgeous? And it’s not too late to order some to send out to your friends and family!

(Photo by Tanja Lippert)


I am totally 5’10” too — I am a giant 🙂 at least you wear heels – I’m still too self-conscious!

I didn’t imagine you as being that tall either. I think since I’m 5’8″ (which really isn’t all that tall) I generally imagine everyone shorter than me 🙂

And I am sooo with you on #3. I load up on that stuff all the time and never use it.

really LOVE your cards!! they are completely unique!