My unhappy, but incredibly cute, elephant would like to wish everyone a very happy Halloween. He hopes that all of your costumes are comfy and hat free.

Concord, CA baby photographer

Northern California baby photos


meg these photos are so awesome!

my kid never cooperates… i love that you went with it and made it work!

um…. YES!!!! love this so much, your sense of humor comes through loud and clear through your kid!!

sad elephant, happy elephant, no matter what mood, this elephant is adorable!

Oh this is ADORABLE!!!!! Love it!!!!!


LOL!! Too cute! I LOVE these 🙂

I LOVE these! So cute! The last one is my favorite.

Love it.

hahaha. OK, I totally know the feeling. We went through that last year with a horse. This year, fireman with his regular raincoat, with a hood. not a hat in sight 🙂


omg, what a little love. and you’re right meg,an incredibly cute elephant he is!!!