From the moment Ari pulled Cameron out of the car, I knew I was in for it.  I’m now 100% positive that if you pull out your dictionary and flip to the “S” section, you’ll find a picture of this little guy right next to the word, “Spitfire”.  I truly don’t think there is a more perfect example than Cameron.  I had so much fun at this shoot chasing after him, learning the proper way to wield a stick as a sword and the fastest way to scale a fallen tree branch.  I did find a few knots in my stomach at the thought of my sweet little Grayson adopting Cameron’s style in a few short months, but if he’s as sweet as Cameron in the process, than I can’t complain!

Isn’t C just too sweet?  

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And we can’t forget about baby brother Oliver.
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Nothing like a little brotherly love!
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Oh my! How cute is Mr.Cameron and Oliver has grown so much! Love the photos! Love their vests!