A mom's gift {Clayton family photographer}

December 14, 2009

It made my heart smile when T told me that she wanted to do some mommy and me pictures with her little girl.  As I look back on the last 11 months of my son’s life, I realize that as both the mom and the photographer – I’m all too often behind the camera.  And most of my clients tell me they same thing!  It always seems to be mom behind the camera.

My favorite part of the shoot, was that T brought her little girl out to Clayton to the very spot where she and her husband were married.  T’s face lit up when we got there. I love when my clients pick meaningful locations for the pictures.  I think the emotional attachment always shows through. 

concord, ca family portraits



Thank you T for spending the afternoon with me!

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So fabulous! Lovely work… her eyes are amazing! I know exactly what you mean by being behind the camera too much – my aunt warned me about that after my first was born… she said “and before you know it you’re too old to want to be in front of the camera!” haha!

Love her expressions. The second shot is awesome!