My love, my happiness and my ambition, all wrapped up in a small bundle of engery. I’m being reminded today to stop, hug my child, and just enjoy being a mother. All too often I get wrapped up in the absolutely wonderful craziness of owning my own business. There will always to be sessions to edit, blog posts to write, and cards to design, but today, I’m simply going to enjoy the joy Grayson brings to my life.

Concord family photographer

When life is crazy, I know that I can always turn to my son for laughs.  I’m now starting to realize why people have more than one child.  The hilarity must be multiplied.

Walnut Creek family photos


{pinch}he is so cute!{/pinch}


Gorgeous, Meg. <3

oh. oh my goodness. that first shot just took my breath clean away. BEAUTY! and yes, it is completely true…both the joys and heartaches are multiplied by 4.7 bazillion with each additional child. scientific fact. 😉