Some of my favorite memories of my dad involve a gadget of some kind and the manual either detaling it’s use, or chronically the entire history of every product made by that company.  My dad liked his information and his toys! One of his many hobbies was photography (In addition to acoustic guitar, 19th century spur collections, and westerns) was photography.  Yesterday, my Uncle thought I’d like to have my dad’s 1950’s Leica M3.  I don’t know much about rangefinder cameras and there are very few labs that will even develop the film.  Call me crazy, but I’m giddy with excitement to try something new.

east bay family photographer

It makes me happy to explore my creativity.  So thank you Uncle Bob for helping me find a little more.  And a little extra thanks for not only hanging on to his camera – but also the book of Leica History.  I might not have believe it was his it didn’t come with a manual.


Oh. my.

I. am. very. jealous. But in a good way!